Rhonda Greenbury

Certified Aromatherapist, modern hippie mama of 5 bio-babes, guardian to 1 adult child, student holistic nutritionist, and entrepreneur building a natural health business to help people with nature’s gifts.

In the last 12 years, I’ve experienced the life changing challenges of celiac, allergies, having a baby with anaphylactic allergies, having another baby with anxiety that causes fainting, my own autoimmune disease that has transformed my eating into a holistic plant based diet, a child with Autism and ADHD, two children with learning disabilities and another child with Type 1 bi-polar disorder.

We live in a world of misinformation and misunderstanding, what are norms now, are not really normal at all, I believe in getting back to basics, experiencing life in a whole true way.  Gone are the days of farming and spending time with family, whole foods and natural healing, or common sense and care.

Because of this, we live in a day and age of massive drug pushing, with a cycle of drugging for drug related symptoms, our populations is diseased, tired and sick.  We are all mentally and physically exhausted and struggling.  Moms and Dads are juggling 2 jobs each, while chasing the clock to the next socially acceptable event (hockey, work, dance, etc.).

Want to live a life of your own design? 

I help people heal, I help them thrive, I help them live an actual life, not the 9-5 chaos we have all convinced ourselves is normal.

I help people find and move in a direction of happiness, learn how to manage their struggles with as natural as possible approach and open their minds to the idea of an alternative life in every way possible.

A little bit about me…..I have 3 boys and a girl, I know I said I have 5 bio babes, I have one awaiting us in the next life… you will hear me refer to having 4 or 5 kids interchangeably because of this.  I also care for 1 adult child as if they are my very own children.  My oldest is an adult, my youngest is a toddler and you could say I am currently experiencing every level of childhood development at once.

My family has faced countless struggles with food allergies, autoimmune diseases and celiac, over a 12 year cycle, we have adjusted and become the family that can effectively eat whole without the everyday excuse of it’s too hard or it’s too expensive.

Within our food challenges, we discover bits of our family are living with anxiety, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, bi-polar disorder and depression.  But alas, unlike most of the people we know and love, we didn’t turn to the today’s conventional norms  of drug therapy to deal with our issues, instead with explored the holistic route.

From the holistic route, we learned how to live gluten free, only to discover 2 of us are celiac, so we probably should have been gluten free our whole lives. 

We explored how to accommodate food allergies, anaphylactic allergies, something my small town family never thought truly existed, until my son had a scary reaction.  We had to change EVERYTHING we ever ate before to accommodate this tiny being at the ripe age of 6 months, who could die from food…..can you imagine, something we need to live and thrive, can actually harm my child, no wonder I have anxiety.

But something even more amazing started to happen when life gifted us a child with food challenges, we discovered one of our other children has autism, ADHD, a learning disability and a sleep disorder; which lead us further into a world of discovering things that can affect people on a neurological level. We started to investigate and question EVERYTHING, and everything literally changed.

And in 2018 our daughter and youngest child also joined the exciting world of autism.

We discovered a world of hidden toxins, that ultimately could have created or led to some of the food and health issues we were experiencing.  We worked closely with naturopaths and holistic practitioners.

And we discovered essential oils, their amazing healing powers that saved me from a life of disability, allowing me to manage an autoimmune disease and so much more.

The things I wish I knew 12 years earlier….that’s what I do; I share so you can be healthy and avoid the costly mistakes I made.

Life is a dance, we take a few steps forward and a few steps back…like a chacha!

Picture perfect doesn’t really exist, but happiness can.

Embrace life’s challenges, there may be hidden lessons in there that help your life take a direction you never expected.

Check out my blog to hear more about what it’s like to be a mom in these crazy times, learn about our ups and downs or get access to a free introductory essential oil webinar.

5 things you didn’t know about me:

1) I am an extrovert who actually loves to be alone and is very socially awkward at first, but I make a very forced conscious effort to be outgoing, approachable, likeable while really faking it…..and I’m okay with it too.

2) I had a baby at 18, by accident and then I repeated that same mistake at 35, yikes, talk about totally different ends of the accidental pregnancy spectrum.

3) I’m pretty blunt, sometimes too blunt, to the point people are put off or think I am weird, but its okay, I live in a world of my own weirdness surrounded by people who don’t mind or actually enjoy my weirdness too.  PS. I married a weird man and we love each other in a weird but passionate unbreakable way….so weird people unite.

4) I am dyslexic, I suffer from a social disorder, anxiety disorder, depression and some other mental issues I never bothered to get confirmed, but I may share in a future blog post from the heart.  Because of this and a traumatizing childhood, I feel what everyone around me goes through, if you cry, I cry too, if you laugh, I laugh too…..some people call this being an empath, I don’t really know, but I do know that I can feel it all and I will feel it right there with you….sometimes I can feel it in your words on a screen too.  Oh and because I am dyslexic, I am not making any grammatical or spelling commitments on my work, I will do my best, but no guarantees.

5) I hate it when my foods touch each other, yep I’m an adult that won’t mix salad with the rest of my food on my plate because it bothers me that it’s touching, lol!

Hope you enjoyed learning about me, I can't wait to learn about you!