How My Essential Oil Journey Began

I wasn’t a fan of becoming part of a network marketing company...

I wasn’t a fan of becoming part of a network marketing company or buying oils that seemed more expensive than the health shops.  So this is where my year and half long journey of brand testing, following a book about oils with conditions and experimenting with oils in general began.  In that year and a half I had a surprise pregnancy and gave birth to my beautiful surprise and only daughter.

What I experienced, some oils smelled amazing, some not so much.  Some oils left stains on my pillows when I read on Google to use lavender on my pillow.  Some oils clogged my diffusers or left weird residues.  Some oils seemed to offer zero health benefits like I had experienced with my samples.  My belief that oils worked was there, because my samples worked, but my experiences were telling me that store bought oils just weren’t cutting it and I needed to know more.

I attended a few webinars and learned that apparently there are two areas of legislation that essential oils can fall into, one being cosmetics and the other being health care.  You see when you walk into your health shop and all the oils are all conveniently stocked next to lotions and makeup, that’s because the oils you were purchasing are likely considered cosmetics.  Where when you buy oils from a reputable company with science backed research and are pure, not cut with other oils for profit, these oils fall into health care products and are often registered with Health Canada.

Distinguishing the difference is important, because cosmetic legislation hasn’t changed much since the 60s.  Groups like Environmental Working Group and documentaries like the Human Experiment were created to expose these issues, issues where it has become acceptable to put toxic carcinogen chemicals in baby products, even by seemingly reputable companies.  Scary to think that I am using the same everyday diapers and creams that have been around since I was born are actually some of the reasons why cancer is on the rise or why women are struggling to have babies or why there is an increase in mental health issues. 

Chemicals in your everyday life can cause or at least contribute to your health problems!

So finally when my daughter was 5 months old and I was so nervous knowing all that I do about our health, and the toxins we are blindly exposed to, I bought my enrolment kit with doTERRA.  I bought this kit, because I knew after a year and half of research and experimenting with my own family, this was a superior company with superior oils.  And at this point in my journey, I decided to start building a natural health business. 

I teach people how to avoid health problems that are likely caused by those toxins we don’t realize we are exposing ourselves too.  I teach how avoid the pharmaceutical drug cycle of prescriptions for every symptom, you know here is a med for migraines, then you need a med for the side effects of that, then the side effects for that, etc, etc.  I also introduce you to alternatives that don’t cause liver damage, like some health therapies, but may in fact reverse that damage.

I am not saying conventional health practices in our western societies is not needed, I mean an essential oil won’t heal a broken arm, but it might help with pain management, or sleep or the emotional effects of the trauma you experienced getting the break.  And if it doesn’t help, that’s exactly why we have western medicine and we are so lucky to be part of a world with these advances in our health care.

Essential oils fall in the complimentary and preventive health care categories.  We don’t necessarily use them to treat things, but to aid our body in healing issues or keep our immune system in check.   So obviously everyone should be using them, I mean do you really want to deal with health issues as they arise after several years of your body being exposed to the things that likely created the condition.

Aromatherapy is NOT a bunch of stay at home mom’s playing with scents and candles. It’s a profession like naturopathy, homeopathy, massage therapy and herbalism.
— Mark Webb

When I decided to dive into this world of teaching and advocating a holistic lifestyle, I noticed people were reluctant to listen or I didn’t have all the answers I wish I had.  And so I enrolled in a course to become an aromatherapist.  This was so important for me personally, I wanted to be able to teach from an area of proficient knowledge and education.

So here I am on the journey to natural health, helping everyone willing to be as healthy as they can be.

Are you ready to get healthy?  Connect with me and I can guide you on your natural health journey.